Kudos. It is the praise you get for a job well done: for an achievement, a daring act, or a notable contribution.

This is Kudose. We are the reward. We’re that friendly bartender who already knows your favorites. We’re the comfy chair you melt into as you watch the sunset. We’re quality time shared with family and friends. We’re welcoming and unpretentious; just like you.

We are the premium quality THC distillate in our carts and disposables. We are the creamiest of infused chocolates with the most decadent flavors. We are fast-acting drinks you cheers with friends, or gummies enjoyed alone to help with sleep, waking, concentration, or relaxing.

We are innovative, curious, and joyous explorers of the expansive range of healing properties and psychoactive characteristics hidden deep inside one miracle plant; just like you.

Kudose is high aspirations, good vibes, and the solid individual among a community of friends: Kudose to you!


Food Manufacturer Permit: 030336, Cannabis Manufacturer Class IV: CCD-2002-0269


Kudose operates and distributes from New Mexico, USA. We provide our products to all legal regions in the United States and across the globe.

If you are a legally licensed dispensary or retailer looking for the highest quality cannabis derived products for your business or clinic, contact our sales team for more information, specifications, requirements, and pricing.